You Are Not Broken And You Don't Need To Be Fixed Just Drop The Story


Sometimes we find there is a nagging feeling that we have.That itch underneath that we have to do something.To change something about ourselves.As if we need to be fixed.There is that seminar to go to.There is another course to take.There is another book to read.And then we fall into the trap.It is the trap of the never ending cycle of self-improvement.I am broken and I need to be fixed.There is something wrong with me.Please fix me.I am in pain so it must be my fault.I did something wrong.I always mess up.I am just defective.We may not say it.We may not even think it.Yet we act that way.We feel that in some way we are not good enough.And so we go looking for a guru or a teacher to make us feel better.The trap is that we are looking for a solution outside of ourselves.We think that there must be someone out there who can change us.Just one more workshop and I'll be okay.Just one more boot camp and I'll be at peace.And the fallacy is that we are broken and we need to be fixed.For we are not broken.We don't need to be fixed.We are absolutely perfect the way we are.We are whole. complete, and enough.Pain is normal.The real issue is the story we tell ourselves.The story about why we feel the way we do.The story about why what happened happened to us.The story that tells us there is something wrong with us.What if there is not something wrong with us?What if that story is false.What if everything that happened to us is here to serve us?What if everything is perfect and we are perfect too?Just learning our lessons and growing everyday?What if the real issue is the story we made about the issue?What if you don't need to go to another seminar, another boot camp, to feel better?What if the only thing that prevents you from feeling better about yourself is you?When we drop the stories, everything changes.If the stories don't serve us, there's no purpose for them.When we let go of the stories, we can start fresh.We can start anew.And we can feel better about ourselves in an instant.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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