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Double Diamond Wellness Center: Where People Heal Naturally.


330 W 38th St #909
New York, NY 10018

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Double Diamond Wellness is a boutique healing oasis in the heart of the West Side of New York City.

We offer Psychotherapy, including EMDR and somatic therapies, Energy Healing, Life Guidance (including business mentoring), as well as other services.

Our Mission is to assist individuals in achieving optimal mental & emotional health by providing effective, leading edge, natural methods of treatment, education and empowerment.

As we work together you will notice how your awareness shifts, which leads you to be open to new possibilities never before imagined. Our clients find fulfillment and learn how to thrive in this ever-changing world.

Our greatest pleasure is to see you evolve, feel more centered, lighter, and at ease, so you can have a joyful and meaningful life. We strive to bring together the best of a variety of disciplines at Double Diamond Wellness, in a soothing yet professional environment.