Who We Are Is Created By The Stories We Tell Ourselves


Who are we?Are we the person who shows up to work?Are we the person who comes home at the end of the day?Or are we someone more than all of that?Are we a friend? A brother? A sister?Are we a manager? A writer? An actor? Or a chef?Or are we something more, something greater, someone else?Perhaps we are none of these things, and something much more elusive...Perhaps we are the result of the stories that live inside of us?Maybe we are the accumulation of everything we have told ourselves that we are?What stories have we been telling ourselves over and over again since we were little?What scenes have we replayed over and over in our minds about what we did?And what does that all say about who we are?Maybe, just maybe, we are so enigmatic that we change with every story?Are we the five year old who hurt their knee when no one was around?Are we the college grad who has a hard time finding a job?Are we the parent whose child is sick and is stressed about going to the doctor again?Are we any of these stories, or are we something more?Something more encompassing, more fluid?And do we stay the same?Do we change with each new story we tell ourselves?Do we become something new, something more, when we add to our stories?Perhaps it is time to look at who we are in our stories and how that affects how we show up?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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