When We See The World Through The Eyes Of Love We Stop All Blame


It is so easy to get into the habit of blaming others.We make their actions the reason we are upset.If they just had not done what they did, we would feel better.Or if they had just acted the way we wanted them to, it would all be okay.We keep putting our demands onto the other people in our lives.We keep making our happiness dependant on what other people do.We allow their behaviour to influence us tremendously.Instead of looking at it as an opportunity to grow.To learn more about ourselves.Why did we get so upset?Why do we have such expectations of someone else?How can we be more kind and gentle to ourselves and others?When we stop putting our expectations on others and look at ourselves instead, we can grow a great deal.We can learn to accept what is and not resist it.We can empower ourselves to be a better person instead of waiting for someone else to change.The world will not conform to our will.The world, and the people in it, will be exactly as it is.It is up to us to change how we are.How we see things.How we feel things.How we respond to things.We can either see every as a blessing in disguise, or as a curse.We can either accept the world as imperfectly perfect, or as some flawed system.Which one makes us feel better? Or worse?We can't control another human being.We can't change the way things are in front of us.We can, however, go deep inside ourselves and change how we see things.We can see the world through the eyes of compassion and love.Even what is standing in front of us in the mirror.We can learn to be more flexible, more fluid, and more accepting.We can learn to live more in our hearts and not our heads.If we want to.If we decide to.If we desire to.It is up to us.No one can force us.No one can stop us.Except ourselves.Which would you prefer?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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