When We Master Our Fear We Can Hold It As A Friend Not An Enemy


We all have fear.We all live with fear.And we all learn to cope with fear.When we allow it to control us is when we get into trouble.Fear is a part of life.It comes and goes on a daily basis.Sometimes it sticks around for much longer than that.It may embed itself deep inside us.It can cause us to loose our clarity.And it brings us to places we never expected.We can learn from our fear.It often has a lot to teach us.If we are open to hear its message.If we can allow it to be present without running away.When we face to it with presence we can hold it.When we hold it without shaming ourselves for it we grow from it.We can carry it with us and not forget it.And we can make it a passenger and not the driver it can serve us.We lose ourselves when we allow the fear to drive.We lose our reason and our volition.When we are aware of its presence and hold it gently it can accompany us on our journey.Without being the destination.Without being the map we follow.It is merely the signposts along the way.Giving us advice and information.We can choose to listen to it or not.For we are the captains of our own ships.We are the masters not the slaves of it.And when we master it we are closer to mastering our lives.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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