When We Express Ourselves With Gentleness Our Words Are Easier To Hear


Everyone has an opinion on something.From politics to climate change.And we express that opinion in many ways.With our words and our actions.What is most important though is the emotion behind the expression.Is it filled with anger?Or is it filled with love?Is it filled with aggression?Or is it filled with sympathy?Are we merely restating something we heard from someone else?Or are we asking a question to learn something more?When we do not hold our opinions so tightly we can be open to different points of view.For we are not always right.In fact, we can be wrong at least as much as we are right on any given topic.And when we look at the topic from many other perspectives that are not our own, we can find that there are many truths to the matter.Not just one or two.For things in this world are rarely so black and white.And if we can express ourselves with a little more kindness, a little more gentleness, it can go a long way.So many things are harsh in this world.If we can contribute to making things a little more gentle, isn't that worth it?Especially around the holiday season.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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