When We Envision Our Future Self We Rise To The Vision


How do we rise up higher?How do we grow to become more than we are today?We face challenges everyday.How do we overcome and get past them in a more conscious way?Perhaps it is by seeing future selves.By imagining what we will be like in 10 or 15 years.Maybe if we can see ourselves, and others, as better than we are today we can grow into that image faster.By looking into the future of our lives maybe we can bring it into the present.How would we handle this situation if it were 15 years from now?Maybe just by asking the question we begin to think differently about what is in front of us.By pointing our mind to our future selves we begin to create it today.Not by ignoring where we are.Not by thinking we are better than we are.By leaning in to the direction we believe we are headed.By using our imagination to peer into the future and bring it into the present.Can it be that simple? That easy?Perhaps.We can only know for certain if we try.What are we struggling with today that our future self might be equipped to deal with?How would our future self approach this situation differently than we are today?It is an exercise in imagination.It is also an opportunity to play with life in a way that empowers us.We all believe that we will be better in the future than we are now.Let's use that belief to help us in our day-to-day life.What choices would our future self make differently?What dreams would our future self have?What priorities would our future self work on?hat perspective would our future self have that would aid us today?It's all there for the asking.We may not get it exactly right, but who cares?At least we'll be moving in a direction we might not have thought about otherwise.Let's use our future self to help use today.Why not?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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