When We Come Together Magic Happens


Modern society teaches us to be self-reliant.To go it alone.To be the leader of the pack.Yet a new paradigm is emerging.A new way of looking at our lives that is actually very old.To build together.To bring our work into community.To find our tribe and evolve together.What could we do if we included other people?What new ideas could sprout if made it a communal effort?When we come together to other people, regardless of whether it is for personal or business reasons, something new is created.Something greater.Something that exceeds the sum of the parts.We are social creatures.We are meant to live and work together.We have evolved not to be alone but to be with others.How better can we support each other if we did it together?What new solutions to our challenges could we find if it wasn't all on our shoulders?There is something magical that happens when two souls come together.A larger, greater, energy is created.A new perspective emerges.New thoughts unfold that never would have come to be alone.How often do we take advantage of that?When do we take the time to bring people together to help us in this way?Now is the time to think differently.To be more collective in our approach.To come together, and not be driven apart.When we find those that are in alignment with our standards and our values, we have our tribe.Not to fight against others.Not to dominate.To share and grow.To shine our light brighter.To create something new that has never been seen before.We can do it when we come together.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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