When All The World Is Whizzing Past Us We Can Choose To Slow Down


Sometimes it feels like we are always moving.Running from one place to another.Rushing to get more things done.And soon we feel overwhelmed by it all.We are so full of activity we don't even have time to breath.To take a break.To stop and smell the flowers.And yet isn't that exactly when we need it the most?Don't we need to take a time out when things are the craziest for us?So why don't we?Why not just stop for a few minutes and take a walk in the park.Stop and take some time to just sit with ourselves.We get so caught up in the frenzy of activity that we forget.We forget how much we need a nap.Or a few minutes to just relax.To allow our minds to wander.To recall what it is like to feel peaceful.The miracle is that when we do give ourselves that gift, somehow all the craziness subsides.The stress of the day starts to fade.Our bodies start to relax.And our heart stops racing.It is funny how we forget the simple things in life so easily.We forget how important it is to be kind to ourselves.To be patient with ourselves.To be gentle with ourselves.Especially when everything around us is not.We can choose not to give in to the temptation to not to take that break.We can make an effort to remind ourselves to sit back and breath.We can empower ourselves to take a walk outside and get some air.It is up to us.We have the ability to change.Our past does not have to define us.Our past behaviour does not have to continue.We can stop.Just for a minute.And slow down.Right when we need it the most.When all the world around us is whizzing by so fast.We can be slow.We can be still.We can be kind to ourselves.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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