What is Leadership?


Leadership, as we all know, is something that is earned. We have a tendency to think that people are just natural born leaders, when in fact, leadership is a skill that we develop throughout our years.In modern times, people become leaders by showing up, consistently and authentically, and providing insight and vision that appeals to a certain group of people.The size of group doesn’t matter. Even if only one person follows your vision, your message, you have led.As we do the challenging work of showing up, day after day, putting our art out there for all to see, blog post after blog post, video after video, radio show after radio show, not only do we gain momentum and courage, but the mental fortitude to continue our journey in spite of the lack of encouragement we might receive, or the limited success in making an impact.That is, until the day comes when suddenly it feels like the dam burst, the phone starts ringing off the hook, your inbox is completely flooded, and life gives you a clear and power message that you do matter, you are making an impact, your voice is being heard.Just don’t stop short of that moment. It is there, waiting for you to arrive.

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