We Can Truly Help Others When We Come From A Place of Joy


Many of us are called to be in service to others.To help others heal.To support them in their growth.There is something to be careful of when we are.For it is quite easy to use helping other to distract us from doing our own work.To heal ourselves.To look at our own internal processes.To take the time and care to nurture ourselves.It is quite appealing to focus on others.After all, look how much worse off they are compared to us.We know what they need.We see things so clearly for them.We want to help.And we do.Yet it is easy to forget about ourselves in the process.We put our own needs to the side.We put everyone else first and ourselves last.And that is a recipe for a crash.For we cannot continue to only help others without taking care of our own needs.Our own growth.Our own healing.For in the end all healing is self healing.All growth is self growth.And to be in service is a beautiful thing.As long as we don't forget to fill up our own cup first.To make sure we are giving from a place of over-flow.And not from a place of scarcity.A place of true inner peace.And not a place of avoidance.It is seductively easy to keep our attention on others.And loose our own opportunity to heal and grow.Yet when we focus on our own path first, helping others becomes easier.We have a new perspective.And can see things more clearly.We can help, as long as we are truly helping from a place of joy.Not from a place of distraction.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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