We All Need To Take Care Of Ourselves First Then We Live Up To Our Commitments


We all want to be responsible.We want to live up to our commitments.Sometimes, those commitments are not in our best interest.So how do we balance self-care and our responsibilities?Do we know when to say "I can't right now" when it is too much?Do we give ourselves permission to rest and take care of ourselves when we need it?Or do we run ourselves into the ground trying to please others.Do we over-extend ourselves or allow ourselves to be worn down?It can be difficult to say no to people.To feel like you're letting someone down by not showing up.Yet if we show up, and get sick for it, are we really helping?Are we really doing what's best when we teach others that it is okay to have unrealistic expectations?We all get sick sometimes.We all fall down on our commitments once in a while.That's called being human.It is not about the once or twice that we need to take time for ourselves.It is not about putting our own needs above other's demands on us.It is about the over all way we show up.Are we fully present when we are there?Are we fully engaged when we are able to show up?Do we make it our business to show up except when it goes against our own well-being?It's an over-all attitude, not a once in time incident.We all know when we are not showing up the way we should.We all feel it when could do more but don't.The harder the question to answer is, can I allow myself to take some time that I need to be better?Can we give ourselves that grace for the moment?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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