True Connection Is About Presence - First With Ourselves, Then With Others


Connection is not just about mutual interests.Although that's a part of it.Connection is not just about common beliefs.Although that's a part of it.Connection is not just about shared experiences.Although that's a part of it.Connection involves a deeper, more primal bonding.Does the other person feel safe to us?Can he protect me?Can she support me?Can we work together?Can I trust them?Will they keep up their end of the bargain?Do they accept me for who I am?Can I accept them for who they are?Can we truly be present for each other?Now that's a big one.Can we just be present with another person without judgment or expectation?When we can do that, we have true connection.When we can just sit in someone's presence and be comfortable without having to do or say anything, that's real connection.When we can just simply be with another human being, that's connection.How do we get to that point?By just simply being with ourselves.If we can't be comfortable just being with ourselves, how can we be comfortable with someone else?It all starts with us.Connecting with ourselves.Being present with ourselves.Without judgment or expectation.Then we can include someone else.Then we can be truly present and connect with someone else.Then we have the capacity to maintain, encourage, and grow the connection.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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