There Is Always A Path Forward And Knowing That Brings Peace In The Moment


Sometimes we find ourselves in a bit of a mess.Everything around us seems to be exploding a the same time.Too many things to do.Too many places to be.Too much on our plates.And the stress of having to deal with it all builds up.We become frustrated and scared.Can I handle it all?How do I get it all done?It does not matter if they are projects we like or not.It does not matter if they are challenges that include other people or not.It is how we show up in the moment that makes all the difference.It is the knowing we embody that allows us to deal with it all.Yet what knowing is it that helps us feel less pressure and stress in that situation?It is the knowing that regardless of all the craziness we are experiencing, it is all already figured out and done on an energetic level.That as soon as we are faced with the challenges before us, the universe has already created a path for their resolution.That even when we can't figure things out for ourselves, the universe has already figured it all out for us.That our main job is just to be present.To take one step forward, or not.To put our energy into the one project that requires our attention at this moment, and know that through the interconnectedness of all things, that one step forward affects everything.How do we know that the universe has already created the path forward for us?By the shear fact of what is before us.By the knowing that these projects or challenges would not have come to us if there was not a solution for moving forward.It is in the knowing that all of life works for us and not to us that there is always a way.There is always a way forward.There is always a solution.There is always a single step we can take.We do not have to get it all done at once.We do not have to even see the ultimate solution to what we face in the moment.All we need to see is the next step.The next few feet.The path that stretches out before us.Knowing that there is a solution, even if we can't see it, relieves the pressure.Allows us to take a breath.Brings us some internal peace.All so we can be more present and take that one small step.That one movement forward.Sometimes the answer is to not move at all.To wait and see what happens.And it is from that internal peace we feel that we can recognize when that is so.There is always a myriad of things to do in our lives.Being at peace with that and knowing the universe has already created a path forward, is the ultimate answer to finding that path.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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