The Truth Can Shake Us To The Core While It Liberates Us From Our Past

There are times in our lives when we are confronted with a truth.An uncomfortable truth about ourselves.A truth that we have been avoiding.Or perhaps a truth that we never knew was there.It is not that we didn't want to know the truth.It is not that we were running from the truth.It is just that the truth strikes such a deep cord that we hid it from ourselves.We put it in that blind spot that we could just ignore.That place where only the most perceptive of people could see.And we turned away.We looked somewhere else to see other things.We lived our lives as if it was not there at all.Until one day we ask someone a question.And they could see us so clearly that they saw what we could not.And when they responded to that question, the answer we received so shocked us that we were speechless.We couldn't believe how simple and true the insight was.Yet it left us bare.We are now naked to our own reflection.And we see the truth of ourselves.It shakes us to the core.For now that we see the truth we can never go back.We can never ignore it again.We can not go back to sleep.So we must muster all our courage.To summon all our strength.Just to face a new day.Take a new step into an unknown world.A world where we see ourselves so clearly that we cannot hide.We can no longer live the same way.We can no longer be the same person.It is time for us to stand up.To show up.To be who we truly are underneath the facade.And allow that light shine through.To let our heart be vulnerable.And slowly learn to live a new life.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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