The Spiritual Path Is The Most Selfish And It Still Benefits Us All

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Dedicating ourselves to a spiritual path is one of the most selfish things we can do.

It is selfish because we are doing it for ourselves. It is selfish because it is a solitary path.

It is selfish, yet it is something that is in our best interest to support.

It is selfish because we are driven to a spiritual path out of our own suffering. We walk the path because we want to feel relief from the pain.

No matter where we are along the path, we move forward out of our own desire.

Even though this is the most self-centered of directions to take, in the end, we all benefit from it.

The monk we support contributes nothing to the GDP. The donations we give to the spiritual organizations we support are not creating new jobs.

Yet all of the people we support in becoming more self-aware, more enlightened, and more transcendent, are all serving our highest good in some way.

For every soul that comes closer to truth shows us a path we can take should we choose to.

For every spirit that sings a little louder so more can hear it's song, raises the hearts and minds of those it touches.

For every person that dedicates themselves to becoming better, to evolving, to raising their consciousness, raises the consciousness of the entire planet in some way.

So selfish as it might be, it is also the most altruistic path we can take.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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