The Greatest Exploration We Can Take Is Going Within Ourselves


There are many ways to explore.We can explore the space around us.We can explore the relationships we have.And the great exploration of what is inside of us.We often keep our focus on the outside.On what is going on in our environment.On what is going on with other people.On what is going on in the media.Yet sometimes it is much more interesting and fruitful to turn our attention inwards.On what is going on inside of us.On our thought, our feeling, and our emotions.On our reactions and our triggers.On what it is that we are focused on.By looking inside we learn a lot about what is going on outside.We can learn what is in alignment with our values.With our standards.With our spirit.We can also learn what is truly important to us.And we can especially learn what wants to be expressed and healed.There is a rich universe inside of us.Far deeper and far more intricate than we imagine.It is full of information and insight.And to access it we merely have to be quiet.To look within.To feel what is going on inside of us.Sometimes it is not easy to sit still with so much going on around us.Yet when we do, we find a treasure trove of guidance and inspiration.Is that not worth a few moment of breath and stillness?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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