The Greatest Dance We Do Is From The Head To The Heart


There is a dance we all learn to do from a very young age.It is not a physical dance.Yet it is the most important dance we learn.It is the dance we do that takes us between our head and our heart.Many experiences may teach us that being in our heart is not safe.So we flow up into our mind.And we stay there.Sometimes for a very long time.Until something special happens.We meet someone or we experience a great loss.And suddenly we are back in our heart.We've forgotten what it is like to feel.To truly connect with another seems awkward.Our heart is still tender from our previous heartbreak.Yet life puts us there.And now we have a choice.We can choose to got back into our head and not feel.Not feel the pain, the sadness, and the love.Or we can open up to our heart.To all the emotions that have been stored up there.To reconnect with it so we can release that energy.And learn to open to something new.It may be something wonderful.It may be great joy and happiness.Or it can be something difficult and painful.Regardless of what it is, at least we are feeling something.We may even feel it in our physical body.And that's the point.To feel again.To experience life again as it was meant to be experienced.In full living emotion.The mind is not bad.Neither is the heart.Learning the dance that we do between them, and why, is what is important.We have both.We need both.So let's stop living as if it is one or the other.Let's learn the dance that they are the partners to.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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