The Evolution of Consciousness


The evolution of Consciousness is evidenced all around us.Yes, there are times when it feels like the world is regressing instead of evolving, but that usually happens when we define our focus too narrowly.The world is more humane than ever before.Does that mean that there are no people acting inhumanely? Of course not.The world is more civilized than ever before.Does that mean that there no brutally uncivilized societies in the world anymore? Of course not.What it does mean is that we are more aware of what is really going on in the world. We hear about tiny villages in far off countries that were once just the stuff of fairy tales.Today those villages are real, in full color video where we can see what is going on first hand. And that's a Good thing!Awareness is the first step in evolution. The more aware we are of all the issues we face int he world, the more we can change them. And we are. Not all at once, and certainly not over night. It took centuries, if not thousands of years to get this point.What's a few more decades to resolve our issues and live in more peaceful, conscious, and aligned planet?

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