The energy behind our actions


It is so common in our world to focus on what actions we want to take. The tasks, the individual steps we physically have to take to accomplish a goal.Normally, not much thought is given to the energy we put behind the tasks, or how the energy in the task affects the outcome.While both are important, the implications behind the energy we put into the task are much greater that the physical effort.The donation we make to the charity for world peace, or the political candidate, can ripple through the consciousness of those around us, or around the world.The belief, the desire, the vision we hold for the future are all a part of what our actions can manifest. The joy we feel when buying a present for a dear friend can create help to make that present even more special to them.The more conscious we are of the energetic quality we put into our actions, the more we can purposefully affect a greater outcome than mere acts alone.

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