The Dance Between Fluidity And Integrity Is An Opportunity For Growth


There is a dance we are all learning to do in our lives.It is a dance that life brings to us each day.Where we move from one extreme to the other.It is the dance between fluidity and integrity.The dance between keeping our word and dealing with crisis.Between changing priorities and keeping the vision.Between being present and remembering the goal.Life brings us gifts in all sorts of ways.It challenges our sense of right and wrong.It makes us face our values and standards in unexpected ways.And in that dance of moving from being flexible to being true to our word, there is a vast space.A space we all learn to navigate over time.A space where we learn about what is truly important to us.Do we worry about our image more than doing the "right" thing?Do we worry about what people will think of us?Are we concerned about the impact we have on other people?What is most important to us always rises to the surface.And there we have an opportunity to truly examine ourselves.Our motivations and our struggles.How do we adapt and change to any given situation?Are we hard on ourselves when we could not possibly live up to our word?Do we acknowledge it and hold ourselves accountable?Do we take actions to respond to what just happened?Sometimes we have to break our own rules to uphold a higher purpose.To lend a hand to someone in need, or to stay present with someone who is going through a rough time.Sometimes we have to pull away from a loved one in order to fulfill other responsibilities.Do we own it?Do we own it all?How we show up when there are these kinds of challenges reveals much about who we are.And it is an opportunity for growth.For self reflection.For inner work.What kind of dance are you in?How comfortable are you in movement from fluidity to integrity?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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