Taking A Break Is Not Optional It Is Necessary to Renew And Restore Our Energy


Do you know when it is time for you to take a break?How long do you wait?Is it something that is low on your priority list?Why is that?Isn't it curious how for so many of us taking a break does not seem so important.We push ourselves and run ourselves into the ground.We work and work and work without considering the effect it is having on our bodies and our souls.It seems so common to feel that we can wait until later.I'll catch up on rest over the weekend.I'll take better care of myself tomorrow.Why do we wait?Why not do it today?Are we so programmed to serve others that we can't just take a break?We all need a break once in while.Probably more often than we think.We need to rejuvenate and restore ourselves.For so many reasons.The least of which is that when we come back we feel refreshed.We can see things with a clearer perspective.We have a new sense of who we are.We feel more energized.Yet we still wait.We put it off.Because it is not as important as getting something done.As checking that item off the to-do list.When will we stop this behaviour?When will we learn to value ourselves more?When will we see that taking a break is as important as working hard?Hopefully, before we are forced to take a break by our bodies.Before we get sick.Before we have no choice in the matter.Our bodies know when we need a break.And they will get our attention one way or another.If we ignore that pain, it will come back to immobilize us.If we push forward too much, our bodies will stop us by getting sick.And then we have no choice but to take a break.Perhaps it might be better to be proactive?Taking a break is not optional.It is a necessity.Let's stop acting like it is not.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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