Surrender Is Not About Giving Up It Is About Allowing Life To Lead Us


Surrender is not about giving up.It is not about giving in.It is not about quitting.It is about allowing life to be our guide.It is about listening to the whispers of the universe.It is about giving up control and expectation.When we surrender we release resistance.When we surrender we stop forcing things to go a certain way.When we surrender we allow a greater intelligence to show us the way.We can surrender and still have our sovereignty.We can surrender and still have choice.We can surrender and still have agency in our lives.Yet when we truly surrender to the ebb and flow of life we begin to feel more at ease.Life become less hard.And without realizing it, we begin to receive more.More of what we truly want.More joy.More happiness.More abundance.Ultimately, we are surrendering to some higher aspect of ourselves.Something deep within us.Something that is intimately connected to the fabric of the universe.It is below our consciousness.It is submerged within the depths of our soul.It is on the level of the fabric of life itself.How do we surrender?By letting go of the need to be right.By letting go of the need to be first.By letting go of the need to be in control.By allowing what is to just be without judgment.By allowing what is to unfold as it wants to.By seeing the perfection in everything, even when it is not what we would choose.Surrendering is the only path to peace.The sooner we surrender, the sooner we will be at ease.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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