Surprises Are Not Good Or Bad They Are Merely An Unknown


Surprises happen all the time.The unknown pops up at the most unexpected times.How we perceive the surprise is important.Do we see it as something good, something bad, or just a thing?We often see people who do not like surprises.If we look at why, it often comes down to fear.Fear of the unknown.Fear of overwhelm.Fear of loss.If we can wait to hold our judgments about the surprise, we can often change that perspective.What was at first something scary, can turn into something great.What was once something to be worried about, turns into a wonderful opportunity.Only time will show us.Only by approaching the unexpected with a sense of curiosity can we shift our state.Where's the silver lining?How does this challenge serve us?We can always find a way to counter the fear.Or do we approach the surprise as just a normal part of life?Okay, something new, now what?Being neutral and open without expectation is surely the highest path to take.So it's a surprise, now what?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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