Standing Up For Ourselves Is Showing Life We Are Worth It


Standing up for ourselves is not usually easy.

We often fear how the other person will react.

Sometimes, we don't even feel we should stand up for ourselves.

Yet our greatest growth happens when we do.

To stand up for ourselves does not mean we have to be aggressive or forceful.

Nor do we have to be underhanded or sly.

It means stating what we want clearly and firmly.

It also requires not being attached to the outcome as we may not get what we want.

And that's okay.

For the important thing is to ask.

Making that effort speaks volumes for us.

It is a step into a new place for us.

It is a choice that says I'm worth it.

If we are not used to asking for what we want, perhaps it is best to practice on little things.

Can you open that door for me?

Can you give me a few minutes to finish what I am working on?

Can I call you back later when I have more free time?

When we start to to stand up for ourselves to people we haven't done it to before, we will often experience resistance.

After all, you always did it for me before.

People are not used to change.

Especially in the people they work and live with every day.

Yet it is one of the most important things we can do, not only for ourselves, but for others as well.

By standing up for ourselves we are showing others what good boundaries are.

We are showing them that it is okay for them to stand up for themselves as well.

We then live as an example for how people can change their lives.

And in the process, we learn to value ourselves more.

And some of the time, more of the time, we actually do get what we want.

Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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