Our Pain Is Here To Teach Us Where We Can Love Ourselves More


We all hurt sometimes.We feel the pain of loss or abandonment.And we shy away from the very pain that is a gift.For the pain we feel shows us where our work is.It points us in the direction of where we need to focus on next.It calls us to look into ourselves and find that tender spot.That point from which the pain emanates.To find the true source of it.So we can heal.So we can undo the patterns that no longer serve us.So we can bring a greater awareness to our lives.For when we dig underneath the pain we find something else.Something more basic, more primal.We find a wound that we never healed.That we never acknowledged.That we never shined a light on.That we never knew was there.And by bringing a greater awareness to it, it no longer has to drive us.It may still be with us, yet it does it stop us.We show that pain love, by loving ourselves.We heal that pain by letting it know that it is okay to be a part of us.And with our acceptance we bring peace to it.And bring peace to ourselves.For it is all within us.It is all here to teach us.So we can live more, love more.And by our example, the world can too.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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