More Is Said With Our Presence Than With Our Words


Communication is about more than words.Communication is about more than our voice.It is about more than the music we make.Or the body language we use.Communication is a practice.It is a practice of using our whole being.It is a practice of presence.It is a practice of attention.It is a practice of feeling.It is a practice of focus.When we communicate we are engaged with another in a precious way.They are giving their time to us.They are giving their attention to us.They are giving of themselves to us.It is up to us to honor that gift.And we honor it by being fully present with them.To see them deeply.To feel them deeply.To experience them deeply.This way they see us deeply.They feel us deeply.They experience us deeply.It is a holy communion.It is a sacred moment.We honor that sacred moment by our contact with the other person.We honor it by standing fully in our own presence.And we honor it by fully taking in their presence.When we truly show up this way for another person, they can feel it.They sense it.They experience it.And more gets conveyed in how we are being with them than any words.More feeling, more energy, more information, than merely speaking.There is so much more to be said with our presence than with our words.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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