Masculine And Feminine Are A Fluid Dance Not A Set Structure To Live Into


There is a dance that we all do inside ourselves.It is the dance of Feminine and Masculine.The dance of the active and the passive.It is a dance that brings us together into a whole being.We all need both.They are inherent in our nature.They compliment and contain each other.As there is Yin in the Yang and Yang in the Yin.We use them both everyday.We show up either more in our active aspect or more in our passive aspect.It all depends on the given situation.On what's needed at the time.On what's the appropriate way to be in the moment.Sometimes we go too far in one direction of the other.And that's okay.It's how we learn.We attach so much meaning to the words Masculine and Feminine.Yet that meaning does not always serve us.Nor does it always support what is best for us.As whole beings, the dichotomy can split us.Are we more in the Patriarchy or the Matriarchy?Are men more dominant or women?These questions do not serve to bring us together.They divide us.Only when we understand and embody both sides do we feel complete and whole.It is a dance that we do.And the dance changes at any given moment.Sometimes the steps tot he dance is clumsy.With practice, the dance becomes more fluid.If we judge ourselves for being clumsy then we deny our opportunity to grow.Yet if we keep practicing the dance steps, they become more comfortable over time.Are you ready to begin your dance lessons?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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