Magic Happens When We Leave Room In Our Lives For The Unexpected


Things don't always go by the plan.We think we will do one thing today, and then it changes.And what we end up doing is so much better.Being flexible with our time is about being flexible with ourselves.Do we get stuck in our plans sometimes?Of course.Can we change and learn to be more fluid with our lives?Absolutely!Learning to be fluid is not about being irresponsible or uncommitted.It is about learning to follow life's rhythms.It is about learning to not be so static with our ideas.Things can change in a moment.Not only can they, there is a good possibility they will.A sudden phone call or text from a friend or relative can completely change our plans.A sudden meeting of an acquaintance in the street can lead to an invitation that is too good to pass up.It is not that we have to seek to change our plans or our ideas of what we will be doing today.It is about being open to new ideas and new plans that can replace our original ones.Life is organic.It moves and changes constantly.When we align ourselves with that energy of change, we can discover new, unexpected adventures.When everything in our lives is so planned out that there is no room for the unexpected, it leaves no room for the magic of life.For magic happens when we least expect it.When we are least prepared for it.So leaving some room in our lives for the unexpected is always a good idea.Learning to be fluid and flexible with our ideas and our plans, helps us to live a more fun and exciting life.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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