Loss Is Not Loss It Is The Fear The Unknown To Come


We all experience loss.It may be loss of a family member.Or the loss of a career.Or loss of a relationship.We all deal with that loss differently.We mourn.We get angry.We get depressed.Why?Why do we even view it as a loss?Is it the end of our existence?Is it the end of our future?Or is it a transition to something different?Is it a transformation into something that is unknown?We assume we know what is going to happen.We are often wrong.We cannot see into the future.We don't see all the possibilities that await us.Our perspective is too narrow most of the time.We see things in terms of days, weeks, months, maybe years.What about the decades to follow?When we loos a career or a business, is it the end of opportunity?We may not like having to start over, or having to do something different.Yet that is on us.If we can somehow shift our perspective from one of loss to one of change, perhaps it can be a little easier for us.Perhaps we can find a way to not feel so devastated.Perhaps we can look forward to the unknown that is to come instead of fear it?Yes, it is hard to lose someone close to us.We are used to them being there for us.Yet even when someone is not physically there for us, we can still talk to them.We can still keep them in our heart.We can still remember what their words.And if we listen very closely, with stillness, we can also hear their reply.As long as we keep them in our heart, they never truly leave us.The same is true for mot anything.What we learned from our experiences in the past prepare us for our future.It is all an unknown.And perhaps the hardest part is just accepting the unknown.Not to fear it.To honor it.For the unknown is the source of all to come.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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