Life Is A Dance Between Many Energies And How We Decide to Dance Them


There are many ways in which we dance with ourselves.We dance with how we show up in the world.We dance with our energy and our focus.And we dance with all of our different sides.We dance with our internal Feminine and Masculine.We dance with our Presence and with Invitation.We dance with Surrender and with Expression.We dance with how we Penetrate a situation and how we Claim ourselves.We also dance with our interactions with others.We dance with what energies we use when we interact with someone else.We dance with how we decide to response to them, and how we enter into an exchange with them.We dance with all of these aspects and more.Over time, we learn how to dance back and forth with them, learning when one is more appropriate than another.We dance with our inner child, who wants to play and be recognized.We dance with our wounds, and how they color our other dances.Because it is all one big dance, it is more than about the moves.It is more than about the individual steps.For we will also make a mistake here and there.It is about how we enjoy and embrace the dance.It is about having fun with the dance and learning to be fluid.For the dance is always changing.What dance we are doing, the tempo, and the music is forever shifting.Nothing remains the same with the dance.The dance is ever evolving.The real question is, how are we evolving with the dance?Are we learning to not be attached to the way the dance is today?Are we learning to accept the new steps as they come in?If you are a dancer, you live to dance.If you learn to enjoy dancing, even if you're not a dancer, you can still have fun with it.Perhaps the biggest lesson is learning that we have choice in how we dance.And we can choose whether to dance at all or not.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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