It Is Up To Us To Face Reality Or Flee From It


There are two worlds that we live in.

There is the idealized world that we make up inside our minds.

And then there is the real world outside where things happen.

Being more present to the real world is not easy, yet it will serve us in the long run.

In the idealized world in our heads, everything is going to work out just fine.

We don't need to worry about anything.

Or we are worrying about everything, regardless of whether it is real or how it could affect us.

In the real world there are real threats we can be concerned with, and ones that will never reach us.

The threat of violence is more real for some of us.

Less real for others.

The worry about putting food on the table for our families keeps some of us up at night.

For others it is more about our investments loosing their value.

Our fantasy world is either filled with horrors that never come, or dreams that never manifest.

Yet when we take a long hard look at what is really going on, we can focus more wisely.

Do we need to worry about how we will be treated by institutions around us?

Should we be concerned about how the weather is changing our local environment?

Can we see a creative solution to a challenge many people are facing and make a business form it?

Do we hold a vision for a better future not just for ourselves, but for everyone?

It is easy to hide at times like these, when there is so much uncertainty and the problems are so large.

We can retreat into our own fantasy and ignore what is happening around us.

Or we can face it, head on, and participate in the discussion.

Will we make more friends or enemies?

Perhaps we will just see people's true colors by having the conversation.

When we live in reality we have the power to change our world.

For we can only change things when we truly see how they actually are.

Our convictions are nice to have.

If they do not inform our actions, they are worthless.

So where are you living today?

In a beautiful fantasy world where everything is okay?

Or do you look at what is actually going on around you and feel an innate call to action?

It is up to you which world you live in.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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