Investing In Kindness Yields Many Returns Of Joy


We all think about the return we get on what we spend.If we invest our time into a project, what's the payoff?If we invest our money, what's the rate of return?Yet how do we measure the return on our kindness?Do we know truly how our kindness has affected another person?Can we see all the ripples that kindness generates?And are we giving our kindness away to receive something?Or is it just because it is the proper thing to do?What is truly amazing is how those who give their kindness away, without any thought of the return, often get so much back in return.Perhaps a small act of kindness gets captures by someone watching, and it becomes the next viral video.Perhaps we do an act of kindness for a friend in need who one day is there for us when we least expect it.Or perhaps through our own acts of kindness we just create a kinder community around us.It is hard to know how the seeds we plant will sprout one day.These seeds of kindness we plant not for our personal gain.We plant them to help others.To shine some light in what might be a dark place.For the sake of our sense of doing the right thing.Sometimes we do it just because it feels so good in the moment.Because we wish someone had been kind to us when we were in a similar situation in the past.To create a moment of joy in someone's life.And creating that moment of joy in someone's else's life creates a moment of joy in ours.That's the real return on investment when it comes to kindness.We invest in kindness to create more joy.And by creating more joy for others, and ourselves, they create joy for even more people we do not know.So is it worth investing in kindness even if we don't see a return?Absolutely!So what acts of kindness can we create today?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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