Home Is Not About Our House It Is About Living In Our Heart


Coming Home is not about our house or apartment.

It is not about being with our family (although they can be there).

It is not about our place of birth or origin.

It's about feeling the sense of Home in our hearts.

It's about feeling okay to be ourselves.

When we leave our center, our home, we lose ourselves.

We become un-grounded.

We become easy to get pulled in to situations that do not need or deserve our attention.

Once we fall off our path, it can take time to find our way back.

To feel safe and at ease.

To be back at the place where we are comfortable with ourselves.

Many things can take us away from our home.

Our jobs, our businesses, our friends, our projects, our lovers.

Finding our way back to our hearts can be elusive.

Especially when we have not traveled that way before.

While it is easy to leave our heart space, it is not as easy to re-enter it.

When we feel unsafe and uncertain, moving back to our center is frightening.

We might get hurt again.

We might be abused again.

We might be left alone again.

Yet the pain of not being home is actually worse than taking that risk.

Our souls desire to be back home.

Every fiber of our being craves to be back home.

And when we re-emerge into our true home, we do feel safe.

Not because of what anyone else may do or not do.

Because we are safe with ourselves.

Because this is where our true essence lies.

Where our heart is, our Home is.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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