Holidays Are Meant To Be Holy Days


Here in the Western World, it is a time of holidays from many different cultures. Over the centuries these celebrations have taken on different meanings and some times their significance has shifted.One thing that would be good to remember during this time is that all holidays are meant to be Holy Days. Days of sacredness where we reflect on the spiritual aspects of our lives and bring them to the forefront of our daily lives.While it may seem that we have gotten very far away from that, it is actually an opportunity to redefine these traditions, and make them something that is not only relevant to our own lives, but also carries the sacredness of life that we all thirst for.What can you do to make this time of the year more sacred? What imaginative and meaningful ways can you think of to celebrate this time of year, and turn what has become so commercialized into a ritual of significance to you and your friends and family?

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