Harmony Is When We Flow Effortlessly From Being To Doing


Sometimes we focus too much on Doing.Especially in the western world where productivity is so highly regarded.To find balance, we then focus on Being.Both have a place in our lives.Both are important.Like two sides of the same coin.When we learn to Be more of who we are, we can Do from a deeper place.When we take the time to meditate on what it is we want to Be, what we want to Do becomes obvious.Yet when we spend too time on the Doing, we get too busy to just Be.Yes, we create a lot of things when we focus on the Doing.We build everything from bridges to followings.We write books, close deals, and create new organizations.Yet that can become it's own trap.We get hooked on the next goal, the next accomplishment, the next thing to Do.It is only when we take a step back to just breath that we can see things a little more clearly.When we allow ourselves to take a break and just Be.Be in nature.Be with friends and family.Or just Be alone.We can then ask ourselves why we are Doing all the things we Do.We can then look at if it is all in alignment with what we are about.Is our Doing fully embodying our Being?Is what we are creating truly an expression of what our essence calls us to?At the same time, if all we Do is focus on how to Be, then do we really accomplish anything?Are we bringing some creation into the world from our Being?Harmony is achieved when we learn to flow effortlessly from Being to Doing.And from Doing to Being.It takes time to master this flow.Yet isn't it worth it?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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