Family Can Bring Up Our Deepest Pain Where There Is True Treasure To Explore


More often than not, our family triggers us like no one else.

This happens for several reasons.

Mostly because they know us like no one else.

And they know what to say to hit close to home.

They may not do it intentionally.

They may not even be aware of what they are doing.

Yet every time that bring up what we did years, or even last week, it hits a sore spot.

It brings us back to how we felt as that awkward, insecure child.

The memories and the feelings of being teased by our siblings or peers bubbles back up.

And somehow, it is as if we're 11 years old again.

Of course, it makes us feel uncomfortable.

We are not that same person anymore.

Yet it is a valuable experience if we're willing to be curious about it.

Not judge it and push it away.

When we dive into those feelings and those unresolved issues, we find real gold.

This is the treasure of our inner work.

For when we come to peace with those feelings and all those memories, we find true peace.

And then very little triggers us.

Because we have come to a place where our self-acceptance is so high, no one can make us feel awkward again.

Not even our family.

As hard as they try.

And then suddenly, they stop trying altogether.

For when we find peace with our past, present, and future, no one can throw us off balance.

And the oldest connections in our lives become something we love, not dread.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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