Exploring The Depths Of Our Inner World Is As Vast And As Deep As The Outer World


We are by nature explorers.We explore the land around us.We explore the relationships we create.And there is one thing that we never finish exploring.That is, who we are and what is inside us.We seek to know our environment.We seek to know others.And we seek to understand ourselves.Sometimes, when we are exploring, we find something unexpected.We find something of beauty, something unusual.We didn't intend to find this wonder, it just happened to be on the path.And that is the beauty of exploring.Finding the unexpected.The same is true when we explore what is inside ourselves.We find unexpected truths.Unexpected shadows.Unexpected moments of awe and wonder.Indeed, sometimes what we find inside of us is more wondrous than anything we find outside of us.We are complex and intricate beings.We have more facets than the largest diamond.We have more aspects and more sides to ourselves than we can imagine.And they are all there, waiting for us to explore.Waiting for us to find them, to dust them off, to shine some light on them.Our psyche is not a simple mechanism.It is not a mere input and output device.It is an organic, mutating, growing, and evolving essence.It is beyond what we see in the natural world.Yet it is also a part of nature.It is merely a part of the overall whole that is our world.A part of this vast universe that holds so many miracles in it.And all that and more awaits our inner exploration.Climbing the highest peak is exhilarating.And diving deep into the depths of soul is just as exhilarating, if not more.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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