Courage for yourself


We often think of courage as how we stand up to other people. How do we act when we feel threaten or in a vulnerable position, or how we respond to a dangerous circumstance.Yes, those are moments of courage. In our day to day lives we also have tremendous opportunities for courage. Not the external, action-oriented version of courage, but rather the internal act of standing up for ourselves to ourselves.This may seem a bit backwards, after all, why do we need to stand up to ourselves? Yet, if we pay attention to the voices inside us, there are many ways in which we can be kinder, gentler, more nurturing to ourselves.Are you feeling critical of yourself for something you did? How about standing up to your self-criticism! Are you beating yourself up inside for making a mistake? How about standing up to part of you that makes you feel unworthy? The saying that we are our own worst enemy may be true, but we are also our own best champion. And it takes courage, real courage, to stand up to all those sides of ourselves that makes us feel no good, unloved, and inadequate. So can you have the courage to stand up for yourself?

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