Being In Nature Is The Most Potent Medicine There Is


There is an important medicine that we take for granted.It is something we can take everyday.It is something that is essential for our health.It is a very special medicine indeed.This powerful medicine is known as Nature.Being in Nature, connecting with Nature, taking care of Nature, is so valuable.There is no other medicine that feeds our soul as much.There is no other medicine that nourishes our body as much.There is no other medicine that calms the mind as much.There is no other medicine that frees the heart as much.We are all a part of Nature, yet sometimes we act as if we are separate.We all come from Nature, yet sometime we act as if we are different from it.Nature calls to us, yet sometimes we ignore the call.Nature sings to us, yet sometimes we go deaf to its music.Being in Nature is the fastest way to heal.In Nature we find all of the cures we need.Allowing ourselves to rest in Nature gives us the deepest sleep.Yet in spite of it all, we huddle together in cities and destroy the local Nature.We pave roads and drill into Mountains without a single thought given to the impact.We abuse Nature.We burn Nature.We poison Nature.And then we wonder why Nature poisons us back?How long before the damage we do to Nature is irreversible?How long before our own home becomes too toxic for us to live in?When will we wake up to the consequences of our actions?When will we take action to help Nature?To help ourselves?Will we always be so blind to Nature?To spend a day, a week, a month in Nature is a gift.When was the last time you did?How was that medicine for you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant


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