Balance Brings Peace While Harmony Brings Us Flow


There is a tendency to think that we need balance.That we should balance every aspect of our lives.Not going too far one way or another.Yet life doesn't work like that.Balance is rarely seen.Yet there is a better way to live.And it is about harmony, not balance.When we are in harmony we can move from one extreme to another easily.When we search for balance we try to squeeze the extremes into the middle.When we are in harmony we accept all sides of our being.We know when to bring out different sides and when not to.When we search for balance we cut ourselves off from certain aspects.Aspects we consider to be too much one way or the opposite.Balance is important sometimes.And harmony allows us to flow when balance is not present.Balance brings peace to our chaos.Harmony allows us to flow effortlessly through the chaos.Balance may seem to be the better way, especially when we are so out of balance.Yet when we practice self-compassion and self-love, even being out of balance is okay.When we are in harmony with who and what we truly are, life becomes more joyful.More fun.And filled with ease...

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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