Asking for support


We all say we need support, whether it be moral support, work support or relationship support. But how often do we actually think about and describe how that support looks?We've all been in the situation where someone is hired for a job, there are some implied expectations that are never directly voiced, and then the person gets in trouble or is fired because they never fulfilled the implied expectations. Assuming someone understands all of the implied expectations is a waste of time and money.Do you really want support for your project? Your new endeavor? Or your changing relationships?First - ask for the support explicitly.Second - describe exactly what kind of support, when and how you want it.Third - check with the people you are asking support for if they understand all of your needs and have them repeat it back to you. If something is not correct, repeat from step 1!Sometimes support looks like someone doing a task. Other times support looks like some who is just there to listen to you when you feel the need to talk. Other times support looks like a shoulder to cry on or someone telling you that you can do it and you are capable even when your worst fears arise. Sometimes it just means asking your tribe to spread the word about something.What kind of support do you need? What does support exactly look like to you? How will it feel when you receive the support you are looking for?Answer these questions next time before you ask for some support.

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