All Our Preparation Is For The Moment We Haven't Prepared For


We prepare for all sorts of things.We prepare the best we can.We practice, rehearse, and go over things again and again.And then the day comes when we have to let it all go.We've prepared enough.We've memorized all we can.We've done the best we can to be ready for that moment.Whether it is for a speech, a book launch, an interview, or a presentation.It does not matter what we have prepared for, it is all the same.For when that moment comes when we must step forward and perform, it is time to be present.To listen to that voice inside us that tells us exactly what to do.To be in the moment and drop all the rules, all the formulas, and really be with what is in front of us.It is time to be fluid.For all the plans in the world could not have prepared us for this moment.This moment when things don't go according to plan.This moment when things don't work the way we expect.This moment when suddenly we have to deal with something we never thought of.That's when all the preparation kicks in,Not to tell us exactly what to do.But to give us the confidence to figure out what to do when we never thought of this moment.Now is the time our intuition kicks in.Now is the time we step into action before we have a chance to think about it.Now is the time our body moves without our thought because it has been preparing for this moment for so long.We don't have to be perfect.Indeed, we live in an imperfect world so nothing is ever perfect.Yet we can respond to the situation the best we can because we have prepared for everything else.And so now we perform, because that is what we are designed to do.That is what we want to do.That is what has motivated us from the beginning.And regardless of what happens, it will be perfect.We will learn and grow from it.And we will be even more prepared for the next time.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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