All Of Our Deepest Desires Reside In Our Heart


It can be difficult to be in our heart.

We all have experienced pain, trauma, and loss throughout our lives.

To come back to our heart can mean feeling all that pain that we have repressed.

And it is the only way to let go and move past all those experiences that are holding us back.

Holding us back from loving more.

Holding us back from being present to our lives.

Holding us back from fully living our lives with joy and connection.

Yes, it can be scary to re-enter that place that we've hidden away for so long.

Yes, it can feel strange and uneasy to be in that vulnerable space.

Yet it is where we truly want to reside.

It is where we are most natural.

It is where we truly find ourselves.

Going deep inside is not as easy as it sounds.

It does take courage and practice.

And it is the most rewarding effort we can make.

For in our hearts we find what we all want.

We find Love.

We find Connection.

We find Peace.

We find Joy.

We find Happiness.

We find what it is that we have been searching for our whole lives.

Always looking at the outside for what was within us all along.

We think we will find those things in the external.

In a relationship.

In a career.

In an abundance of money.

Yet none of those things can compare with the feeling of being connected to our own hearts.

It is where our deepest bliss, our soul, our inner sun shines.

When was the last time you tried connecting with your own heart?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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