Somatic Intervention

Body Centered Therapy


What is Somatic Intervention?

Somatic, from the Greek word soma (=body), refers to something that is ‘of the body’. Intervention means to come between, interrupt. An intervention is an action taken to improve a situation, to change its course. Somatic Intervention uses body awareness to accomplish this goal.

Somatic Intervention is a form of body centered therapy which allows you to sense and interrupt habitual patterns (like anxiety, anger, stress or fear), discharge the bodily tension and associated memories, and move forward in a calmer and more centered way. Somatic Intervention interrupts the narrative, breaks the habit, and your attention is shifted to your internal experience instead. Intervening through the body enables you to sense your self in a way that often feels new, fresh, and even revelatory


*Somatic Intervention was created by Ricki Bernstein, who is the source of the above information.