Ormus is a product of alchemy, which is the ancient chemistry that transmutes something “base” into something “fine” through an esoteric energetic process


Ormus is reported by many to be an accelerant, an amplifier that opens gateways! It appears that Ormus rejuvenates! Many report that Ormus improves brain functioning. Ormus supports the unfolding refinement of the pathways which access mental operating programs, beliefs and conditioning!  People say, with Ormus, emotional imbalances needing work are brought to the surface with greater ease and speed than normal, hastening access to more refined natural mental and psychic abilities!


These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. Anu Alchemy,LLC makes no promises on claims of any physical or medical outcome. Some likeOrmus, some do not.


Ormus & Navapashanam Energized Distilled Water. There aretrace amounts of Magnesium.