Neutrality Point Therapy

Instant Energetic Healing


Neutrality Point Therapy

Instant Energetic Healing, Pain Relief & Full Spectrum Living

Neutrality Point Therapy for Energetic Well-being is a powerful non-touch technique. It combines many energetic modalities to create one system. This brings a person to complete neutrality and peace. Quantum Physics, The Tao, Qi Gong, and Reiki, are the foundation of this powerful method. It pinpoints the root causes of your physical, mental, and spiritual problems. This brings you to the point of neutrality. You will feel the symptoms to fall away as a state of complete well-being emerges.

Neutrality Point Therapy can create instant results. It uses intuition to find weak energies that underlie any issue or situation. Indeed, you can find energetic weakness in almost anything! These energetic weaknesses are not obvious to the conscious mind. You just need to know how to feel for them. Neutrality Point Therapy balances weak and strong energies, and bring them to neutral. Neutrality is the strongest place to be.

Neutrality Point Therapy is an energetic process based on intuition. It bring a person to a state of “neutrality,” a space where the forces are at their strongest. When our life forces are strong instead of weak, we allow natural healing to occur in our bodies. We perform and achieve in an effortless manner. It is Paradoxical. The more neutral you are about the things in your life, the better those things tend to become. Neutrality is the most liberating and enlightening practice.

Since 2010, Double Diamond Wellness Center has been offering this new energy healing modality.  We have discovered that Neutrality Point Therapy is just as effective in remote sessions.  We are now proud to offer Skype appointments for this type of healing. You can experience this amazing new healing energy.  Book your appointment with us today!