Energetic Field Alignment

A Hands-on Spiritual Healing Technique


Energetic Field Therapy is a hands-on healing therapy where energies of Source and various Galactic Collectives, cosmic healers, ascended masters, archangels, angels, your own spiritual family and an enormous spiritual hierarchy are called in, and space is held for healing and energetic corrections to take place at all levels.

It is not unusual for people experiencing this form of healing to enter into a deeply relaxing state, gain new insights and information, and have awakenings or visions during a session. As so many different groups are called in to aid in the process, whatever the person needs at that moment is given to them as the appropriate beings are allowed to do what they do best. This process creates a shift in the internal frequency of the person, which will then allow them to manifest the healing or the change in their lives they crave.

This energetic field therapy is not about removing or detaching anything, but about allowing the person’s true energetic nature to come to the surface, and raise their awareness of their own divine spirit. It helps to connect people with their own higher self, spirit, soul, etc., and reminds them of who they were truly meant to be.